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Lusciously Lemon

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Luxury Scented Candle Lusciously Lemon

The crisp scent of lemon will always soothe your senses and boost your inner self especially after long hard days. This true-to-life fragrance is specially designed to also help you to just relax - no matter where, when or what.

The comforting familar and original frangrance of lemon provides so many hours of soothing fragrance - and reflects a warm, relaxed experience that`s always in demand in today`s busy life! So turn off the pressure and busy 9-5 mind and turn on the mellow scent and take your senses to paradise.

Uplifting and comforting, this long-burning luxury lemon candle provide hours of true fragrance bliss - and is ideal as a gift to treat yourself to!

Burn time of up to forty hours.

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